With all the political speeches and media bias so prevalent everywhere you look today, it is hard to not feel down trodden. I live about 10 blocks away from the entrance ramp of an interstate highway that usually has only light to no traffic. When I am overwhelmed with the stresses of everyday life, what better way to gain some relief, than throwing a leg over a bike. Jumping on an open highway for a quick blast, somehow just seems to melt away the stress in a few short minutes.

I love the old saying, “You never see motorcycles parked in front of the psychiatrist office.” There is something about the wind in your face, the beautiful sound of a finely tuned exhaust note or the sweet smell of hot rubber in the morning! If it has to be explained you just wouldn’t understand anyway.

As an old geezer of the 2 wheeled industry (45+ years), I has survived quite a few spills, drops and hard crashes. Sometimes I wonder how I survived with the many poor decisions and high risks I have taken throughout my life. But the good Lord always seemed to maintain that hedge of protection around me, of which I am truly thankful for. If I received what I deserved, I would not be here typing this post today.

Most all of my basic riding skills or lack thereof, were learned through trial and error. But times are far different today than they were 45 years ago. Drivers seemed to be considerate of motorcycle riders back in the day. Today drivers are more aggressive and often take the right-a-way just because they drive a big 4 wheeled cage. You can almost hear drivers from inside your full face helmet saying, “Get out of my way you stupid motorcycle.” City streets have become3-tracks very dangerous places for motorcycles. In just the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to ride a few different tracks around the country. One of the most beautiful racetracks in the world is Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. My favorite track will always be JenningGP due to its amazing and sticky surface. A very forgiving track that is highly appreciated by expert as well as novice riders from around the country. It is commonly used by AMA Pro-riders to set-up suspensions in preparation for a big race at Daytona.

Race tracks are not for racers only. I have spoken to many people that often wonder how much fun it would be to have access to a racetrack for their private use. There are many tracks around the country that offer public track day events but very few offer the venue that JenningsGP and FTX  has to offer. JenningsGP is a dedicated motorcycle only track so there are no uneven grooves worn into the track from heavy cars powering around the corners. JenningsGP always provides even and predictable pavement that inspires confidence around all 14 turns.

Today more than ever, your skills are the most important tool to keep in tip top shape. Riding skills need to be practiced and honed to perfection at every opportunity.  Unfortunately the city streets do not provide an environment to learn or practice skills that are needed to survive daily riding. JenningsGP does!

If you currently live and ride in the southeast United States, you have the unique opportunity to learn some new rider skills in a safe and controlled environment. Take a look at the Fast Track eXperience  (FTX) page and join other like-minded riders for a day of fun and excitement while improving your rider skill set. 8 hours of track time with a small private group of riders. A riding experience like no other. Learn to lean, proper braking technique and smooth throttle application while leaned over are just a few of the necessary skills needed to survive on the streets today. Questions answered, techniques demonstrated and encouragement is spread around liberally. If you ever had the desire to go fast safely this is the time and place to do it. With such a small group of riders, track time is virtually unlimited. A smile will be attached to your face for days to come.

Check out the beautiful track venue at www.JenningsGP.com and join us on Nov. 4th.

For information or to register for your own small private day at JenningsGP just Click Here.

As a thank you for visiting my blog, be sure to use discount code  FTX10  at check out for a 10% discount off the price of registration.


See You in the Pits


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