MeAvatarMy name is John Charles Smith and I created “Safe On 2 Wheels” in early 2015 as a venue for riders of all ages and types of motorcycles.

For those who want to survive on the highways and byways interacting with lots of large cars and trucks, here is a place where you can keep up with the latest safety equipment, tips and real world advice.

Plan to attend our annual event, Fast Track eXperience (FTX). A fun way to learn new or improve existing rider skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Tired of hearing how dangerous motorcycles are? Or how speed kills? Let’s get the real facts and show the real enjoyment of what 2 wheels has to offer. 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul!

Safe On 2 Wheels will be sharing many adventure stories, interviews and advice for those that love the freedom of riding motorcycles. With contributors from all over the world there is much to explore and experience within the motorcycle industry.

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast with over 47 years of riding experience. Starting at age 12, I learned to ride on my neighbors Honda Trail 70. My parents would not allow me to have a dirt bike of my own since they were way to dangerous so I had to sneak off with a friend who owned two dirt bikes and go riding out of sight of my parents! Living close to the railroad tracks enabled us to build jumps and get airborne along the railroad right of way. Many times we were pushing home the broken bikes after multiple crashes.

At age 16 I moved to racing my 69 Dodge Charger and my Dads 71 Camaro playing a game called “Chase” trying to loose the driver behind you while racing around the tight curves of Lake Osborne Drive. Lucky to be alive today but things were different back in the 70’s.

After high School, I joined the U.S. Navy. At my first duty station I bought my first street bike. A beautiful Yamaha XS650 Special. I quickly installed a 750 Big Bore kit, added a custom exhaust and custom air brush paint job. I was immediately hooked on the 2 wheel life style.

Through my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s I was always involved in some sort of Extreme Sport. From riding my skate board at Harts Weber House Skate Park in Jacksonville Beach or flying front seat in a fully aerobatic Citabria airplane to founding the company Sk8 Extreme Inc®. that produced M1 Urethane™ aggressive inline skate wheels and Renegade Bearings™ sold internationally.  With a passion for the freedom and excitement of riding the twisties and commuting on 2 wheels I have always seen a need for helpful information and exciting but safe techniques to improve the riding experience.

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