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Whose Invited

Anyone that has ever wished they had the opportunity to ride on a dedicated racetrack, now is your chance to remove that item from your bucket list. Here at Fast Track eXperience we limit the number of riders to make this event the most fun you can have on 2 wheels. The cutoff is 28 so get your ticket reserved today.

Where is this again?

The Track is located in Jennings FL, off I-75 the exit just south of the Florida / Georgia line.

Click on above link for Google maps routing.

The Cost

The cost for this private track day is only ~$250.00 USD.

At this event you will get 2 – 3 times the track time that you would normally receive at a typical scheduled open track day. At no other event will you receive the one on one personal training and encouragement that FTX offers new and/or experienced riders.

For questions or concerns contact:  John@SafeOn2Wheels.com

The Track

Typically people will arrive on Thursday before the event and leave on Sunday.   Even if you’re only riding on Friday, you can still hang out with the group at the track on Saturday. Anyone not riding is always welcome to play photographer and create some awesome keepsake photo’s.

People travel in from all parts of the country for this event, including Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and Florida among others.  The track itself is a 14 turn 2 mile smooth surface street course. For specific track info just visit JenningsGP website.

The Hotel

The Days Inn in Lake Park, GA has agreed to give us a great rate of $55.00 per night double occupancy. Make sure you tell them that you’re part of the Fast Track eXperience event at JenningsGP. A clean and quiet Hotel off the beaten path but still close to food and shopping.

Rider Gear and Bike Prep

The Jennings GP Track Days page contains an overview of the required bike preparation in order to take a bike out on the track. The regulations are relaxed for Friday FTX guests. They are strictly enforced for public track days. For Fast Track eXperience, 1 piece or 2 piece leather gear is acceptable as long as they are able to be joined together with a zipper. Common sense is required.

There are those that ride their bike to the event – tape up and ride all day at the event – remove tape and ride home.

JenningsGP has leather suits available for rental – contact JenningsGP for sizing and availability

In general:  This is not a typical run to the grocery store.


  • Leather is required
  • Full suit or a 2 piece that zips together.
  • DOT/SNELL full face helmets (not modular)
  • Boots must cover the ankles
  • Over the cuff leather gloves (gauntlet)


  • JenningsGP as are all racetracks, are notoriously hard on tires, so it’s a good plan to start with tires that are relatively new.  Tire service will be available trackside.
  • Brakes, chains, etc should all be in good working order.  If you’re not sure, it’s probably a good idea to start with new
  • All lenses must be taped. Blue painters tape works well and is economical.
  • Headlights, brake lights, turn signals and mirrors must all be taped.
  • Pull headlight fuse
  • Mirrors should be removed if possible.
  • Zip-tie passenger foot pegs
  • Safety wiring is Not required.

Fast Track eXperience is held Rain or Shine

This event will be held regardless of the weather conditions. In the past the worst weather we have had was 44°F temps in the morning warming up nicely into the low 70’s by mid afternoon. One year we did have light rain showers in the morning but again the track was dry by lunchtime.

Why Attend Fast Track eXperience?

Track days are the most fun you can have in leather without requiring a whip  – Hobicus

  • A safe and enjoyable environment is the top priority. Relaxed and unintimidating atmosphere is always maintained. If you like to compete and zoom other riders and be the fastest on the track you are NOT welcome at this event.
  • This is a small private track event.  If you have ever wanted to try riding on a race track, there’s no better way to do it. No one is too slow here at FTX. Private instruction and guidance from experienced track riders available at no additional cost. Instead of competing for track time with 120– 250 riders at a typical open track day, enjoy the excitement with a maximum of 28 riders for the whole day.
  • Have fun, go fast and learn to lean, all in a safe environment
  • Experienced instruction and encouragement with safety as the top priority
  • Classroom instruction is required before entering the race track for all novice riders. After learning the track basic’s in class the first session will be led by experienced coaches at a slow pace to learn the correct race line and to get familiar with the track.
  • Experienced coaches teach proper technique by example and enjoy assisting slower riders gain confidence.
  • All riders will learn how to properly ride slow in order to become fast.
  • Jennings GP is a dedicated motorcycle only track, so the surface has not been destroyed by heavy race cars. Clean, smooth pavement that ensures confidence when cornering. All corners are clearly marked for turn in points and apex locations to assist new riders.
  • This is an event like no other, come and join us for the riding eXperience of a lifetime.
  • FTX is a family friendly event, so bring your up and coming wannabe riders to enjoy the sights and sounds.
  • Attendees will be arriving from Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida to name a few. Pooling resources for sharing trailer space and fuel costs is encouraged.

Typical FTX Event Schedule

Thursday – Days Inn check in after 2:00pm

Thursday – Track gates open at 3:30 to allow FTX guests to set up their pit area. Jennings locks up for the night at 9:45pm. Most guests arrive Thursday afternoon and check in with the Hotel and then drop everything off at the track. The bikes and gear are locked up and secured for the night, trackside.

Friday – After continental breakfast at the Day Inn, arrive at the track at 7:45am to sign release of liability and safety waiver forms. Due to local noise ordinance no engines can be started until 9:00am. There will be a riders meeting at 0845 for all attendees. Following the riders meeting there will be classroom instruction for all new riders to teach a few basics for track riding. Also coaches will be designated for instruction and assistance.  Track closes at 5:00pm sharp.

Friday Evening– After the track day event is over there will be a reserved FTX group dinner at the Farm House Restaurant at 7:30. All are encouraged to attend and share how we can improve this event for years to come. The food is good, the service is excellent and the cost is very reasonable.

Saturday – Saturday is a public open track day held by JenningsGP. Everyone is welcome to participate on Saturday at a reduced rate, paid directly to JenningsGP. You can decide on Friday if you want to ride on Saturday. The discounted cost previously was $115.00 for FTX riders for the Saturday track day.

Saturday Night– Saturday night after the event there is a group get together in the rear parking lot of the Hotel for socializing and the sharing of tales. Pizza is ordered in for those that prefer to rest and relax after such an exciting 2 days. Arrange your own beverage of choice. Some mild friendly shananigans are present for some fun before packing up for the weekend conclusion. I usually provide an RC truck for some friendly entertainment. Try your hand at spinning donuts by remote control!

Sunday –  Most depart for home early Sunday morning since they have great distances to travel. Sunday is another open public track day at JenningsGP for those that just can’t get enough. Cost would be even less than Saturday but I haven’t seen anyone yet that could make it through 3 straight days of all day track riding!

SafeOn2Wheels would like to thank all those that attend Fast Track eXperience and wish everyone travel mercies getting there and returning home.

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